William “Bill” Burch recently joined the HOS team to strengthen our Well Control Services. Mr. Burch has 17 years experience with expertise in well control, deep water drilling engineering, directional drilling and surveying, wireline open-hole, cased-hole and production logging, and formation evaluation.

At HOS, Mr. Burch will be involved in all phases of HP/HT well control engineering including blowout contingency planning, relief well planning, dynamic kills, capping and snubbing, engineering and field operations.

During his career, Mr. Burch has participated in numerous projects around the world, both onshore and offshore, including the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Middle East, West Africa and South East Asia.

Mr. Burch and the HOS team of well control experts ensure we are able to provide in-house well control engineering, training, risk prevention evaluations, well control equipment audits and operational support (including health and safety related activities) for each project. With our team of subsea engineers, pressure control equipment technicians and world class drilling, completion and intervention experts, HOS is able to reduce and prevent risks in the planning and operational phases.

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