Hydril 11” 20,000 PSI HP/HT BOP System

The Hydril 11″ 20,000 psi HP/ HT BOP System delivers unique and proven reliability for ultra-HP/HT drilling, well testing, completion and intervention operations both on- and offshore. HOS has set the performance expectations for pressure control equipment in the world with the first ever successful deployment of a 20,000 psi BOP System on a gas exploration well in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.


All equipment is manufactured in accordance with API 16A and NACE MR-01-75 standards and fully OEM certified complete with IRC, COC and ABS (CDS Standard) until Q3 2020 as well as API monogrammed.

As part of our bespoke, flexible HP/HT solutions, the following is available:

  • Complete 20,000 psi FMC / NOV flow iron package which is specifically developed for ultra-HP/HT and sour service operations
  • A selection of fixed rams for both tubing and drillpipe in sizes between 1 ⅜” to 7 ⅝”
  • Ability to custom configure for emergency response applications such as capping and snubbing operations
  • Bespoke higher specification elastomers

In-house well control engineering, training, risk prevention evaluations, well control equipment audits and operational support (including health and safety related activities) for each HP/HT project with a team of subsea engineers, pressure control equipment technicians and world class drilling, completion and intervention experts which has proven to reduce and prevent risks in the planning and operational phases.

Case Study

1/5-5 Solaris ultra-HP/HT Project

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