HOS offers a wide range of pressure control equipment that may be configured to suit project specific requirements. Each unit is maintained with valid certifications and is properly stored and preserved in accordance with OEM guidelines, ready for mobilization to the project site.

The equipment available includes Ram and Annular Blow Out Preventers, Valves, blocks and spools, as well as a variety of adapters to allow transition between different end connections.

Different API sizes and pressure ratings are offered to allow for the selection of the optimal configuration to suit existing installations.

HOS’s team of well control experts ensure we are able to provide in-house well control engineering, training, risk prevention evaluations, well control equipment audits and operational support (including health and safety related activities) for each project. With our team of subsea engineers, pressure control equipment technicians and world class drilling, completion and intervention experts, HOS is able to reduce and prevent risks in the planning and operational phases.

Upon request, engineering services for the integration of the equipment can also be provided. Such services include verification of regulatory compliance, interface management, installation engineering, control system re-configuration, and support during commissioning and preparation for operations.

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