The surface equipment available from HOS includes HP/HT BOP units and manifolds, that may be customized to suit specific operational requirements. In addition, BOPs and valves of other pressure ratings are available to support drilling, completion, and P&A operations. Adapters of various sizes (from through bore to smaller outlets) are offered to increase the flexibility of the packages and to allow for early readiness for operations.

A vast selection of l valves, blocks and spools are available to allow for various manifold configurations to satisfy regulatory and customer requirements. In addition, ancillary equipment such as blind and test flanges are offered to create a complete package ready for installation on site.

All equipment is provided with full and valid certification conforming to the highest industry standards.

Surface BOPs may be configured with a wide range of rams and packers, to satisfy different temperature and chemical compatibility requirements.

HOS will work with the customer to ensure the availability of the necessary spare gaskets, seal kits and backup of all critical components.

Risers for fixed installations, as well as swivel joints and pup joints for surface interconnections, are also available.

HOS can also supply surface pressure control equipment such as BOP closing (Koomey) units, accumulator banks, test pumps, control valves and instrumentation. Our engineers can work with customers to ensure that the equipment is fit for purpose and in compliance with the rules and regulations applicable to the specific project.

For Specifications/Manuals or further information on any of our equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pressure Control Equipment                               Subsea Pressure Control Equipment

HOS can deliver most common sizes of equipment listed below:

  • Ram and Annular BOPs
  • Rams of various make and size
  • Ram and Annular Packers
  • Valves, Blocks & Spools
  • Choke and Kill Manifolds
  • Risers
  • FMC / NOV flow iron package
  • BOP closing (Koomey) units
  • Accumulator banks
  • Test pumps
  • Flushing units
























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