The most common models of 18 ¾” GE Hydril, Cameron and NOV Shaffer subsea Blow Out Preventer units are available from HOS fully certified. For each BOP model, a wide range of ram types and sizes is available for rental globally.

Ancillary equipment such as side outlet valves and spools can be provided as well as surface control units (HPU, DCU, Mixing System, Accumulator banks, etc.).   In addition, subsea control pods and subsea controls components are available.

Engineering services offered by HOS include surface and subsea accumulator sizing, support in the verification of control schematics, modifications to the existing control system to accommodate for different configurations or additional functions, and support in the verification of interfaces and readiness for operations.

Marine riser equipment by the major manufacturers can be provided for various coupling types and ratings. Riser joints and most riser tooling may be inspected and recertified at our facilities with additional services including the verification of interfaces between riser equipment and offshore vessels, as well as engineering of X-overs and adapters in close cooperation with the OEMs.

Preservation and storage of customer-owned equipment may be carried out at our yard in accordance with the relevant OEM guidelines.

For Specifications/Manuals or further information on any of our equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pressure Control Equipment                               Surface Pressure Control Equipment

HOS can deliver most common sizes of equipment listed below:

  • Subsea Connectors
  • Ram BOPs – Single, Dual and Triple
  • Annular BOPs
  • Rams of various make and size
  • Ram and Annular Packers
  • Valves and failsafe Valves
  • Blocks & Spools
  • Choke and Kill Manifolds
  • Marine Risers
  • BOP closing (Koomey) unit
  • Ancillary controls
  • Subsea pods
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