The Hitec Drilling Control & Data Acquisition system (DCDA) is a safe, efficient and user friendly drilling control system with considerable design focus on the operator and his working environment.  Drilling data is displayed in an intuitive manner and screens modified to display any integrated equipment in accordance with client layout requirements.The fully flexible modular system is designed for stand alone, integrated, distributed and remote operations. It typically covers all aspects of drilling operations including Drilling, Tripping, Circulations, Pipe handling and can be modified to integrate any other 3rd party equipment.

The unit has been manufactured in compliance with all IEC standards of reference and in compliance with: API RP 551; API RP 554; EN 94/9/EC; 98/37/EEC; 93/68/EEC; DNV 2.7-3; Norsok M-501.

HOS’s DCDA is readily available and easily customised ensuring delivery of reduced costs and leadtimes to customers globally.

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